About Us

Green Herbs is a Ayurvedic prestigious company, making a 100 % pure, fully hygienic, herbal & Ayurvedic products. “36 Green Herbs Multi Act Malt” is one of the creation of Green Herbs. This product is a research of well experienced Ayurvedic Vedacharya’s of Himalayas.

This is a Multi Act Malt in a semi liquid form, a complete solution provider for free movement of joints and muscles pain and making peoples life healthy.

No Side Effects and 100% Surely Effective.

Our products has manufactured in the presence of expert professionals. This product have been used by thousands of people, who has already tested and tried Allopathic medicines, but found no results. With the help of this product, they got 100% relief and now enjoying their life.



Green Herbs has a team of well qualified & professionals, ┬áB.A.M.S. Doctors & Vedacharya’s with more than 20 years of well experienced in the field of Ayurveda. Our vast experience in this field has encouraged us to refine the process of making this Malt. We all are committed for customer satisfaction and outstanding results.



Being a quality conscious company, we ensure the quality along with fully hygienic process, so that it can match with the International standards.

The Herbs which we are using, are very rare and precious, found in Himalaya’s. These herbs has to be dried and preserved in different temperature, for different time period under the supervision of Ayurveda Vedacharya’s, to make them more effective. These herbs well known only for their multi healing capabilities.

Our products “36 Green Herb Multi Act Malt” approved by “AYUSH” and certified by “GMP“.


Now the question is why only 36 Herbs?


Because 36 represents positive energies of Universe, that accomplished creative goals for helping human kind. The essence of 36 is a humanitarian.

The combination of these 36 Herbs are not only give the positive energy to the human beings, but also helps to improve of one’s “Pachan Tantra“, “Blood Circulation” and as well as regenerates the Synovial Fluid which is mainly required for one’s free movement of joints & muscles pain.

Owing to our rich experience of over a decade in this industry, we have gained a successful status in the domestic as well as international arena. The vast industry knowledge of our expert team and our technologically advanced infrastructure has enabled us to provide our clients a qualitative product which complied the global standards. All this has surely added up to our market value, hence made us the preferable choice of our clients.

We also have received lots of affection & respect from our patients & customers, due to this pure & high quality of Ayurvedic medicine. We are hoping that it will be continued similar till the another decade with more positive feedback’s of yours.

We are getting whopping response from Doctors / Vedacharya’s from different part of the country. We are very great full to all distributors and dealers, who are supporting us to reach this medicines available to common man.