How Malt Works?

36 Green Herbs Multi Act Malt is a safe herbal Ayurvedic formula, which helps in free movements of joints and also helps to make your life healthy.


This malt is beneficial for children above 16, adults, elderly people and women. 36 Green Herbs Multi Act Malt is made with the combination of thirty six different rare and precious herbs of Himalaya’s known only for their multi healing capabilities. These herbs strengthens the nerves, muscles and bones. These herbs has to be dried and preserved in different temperature, for different time period to make them more effective.


In every human being mind always comes few basic questions such as – What are the reason for joints pain and what are the things required for free movement of joints and musculature . Let us explain you the following answers…


The Causes  – Joint pain occurs when one has a lacking of good healthy diet, not eating on time, wrong postures of movements (like walking, sitting, bending & running etc),  overdoing gym, stress and lacking of yoga or exercise. This unhealthy life style creates problems in our human body like – week immune system, Constipation, Indigestion, Gastric, Obesity, Increased Uric Acid, Vata Rog & Low Blood Heat due to sometimes Aging. It creates gap in between the bones of joints and bones start rubbing each other. Hence start swelling, Joints pain & Arthritis.



The Main Requirement of free movement of joints – There is a fluid named “SYNOVIAL”  which comes along with when one born. Our body releases this fluid as per our daily diet and routine. In simple language it is also known as articular cartilage, grease or lubricant of joints. This fluid is one and only thing, which helps for free movement of our joints.


Some people said it dries with the time passes and some said it is finished due to the elderly age, but who knows the truth?


As per Ayurveda, this Synovial fluid never dries and never reduces, it just squeezes and collects in the corner of joints, due to above causes.


Another question which people raised – Are these allopathic medicines really helps. As per maximum’s customer’s feedback the answer is “NO”, it’s a temporary arrangement.


Then – Is there any solution – answer is “YES”. Ayurveda has.


Green Herbs brings a Healthy Herbal Ayurvedic Product which is known as “36 Green Herbs Multi Act Malt”.


How “36 Green Herbs Multi Act Malt” regenerate Synovial Fluid:


36 Green Herbs Malt not only helps to reduce the joints pain, it gives strength to the body, improves digestive system, strengthen immune system, increases will power and also helps to reduce weight of overall body.


As we all knows healthy “Pachan Trantra” (Digestive System) is mainly required to generate all necessary vitamins & minerals from that meal which one eat in daily routine and in one’s body to regenerate Synovial Fluid these vitamins & minerals are very essential.


36 Green Herbs Malt helps to stimulate and balance the “Pachan Tantra” (Digestive System) with Alma, Nirgundi, Kutaki, Harad, Jeera, Khurasani Ajwain & Sonth within a week and boosts the body’s capacity to generate more SYNOVIAL FLUID.


Herbs like Shilajit extract, Ashwagandha extract, Salaki, Geloy,  Walnut Oil, Yograj Guggal, Mandoor Basam, Shatavari, Alsi Oil, Arandi Oil, Suranjan, KaunchBeej, Chandrasoor, Pushkermool, etc. helps to reduce swelling in the joints and joints pain and additional it also helps to reduce body weight.


No harmful chemicals or preservatives have been used in this Malt.


Dosage / Suggested uses – 36 Green Herbs Malt eat 1 table spoon (not over filled) for male & 1/2 tablespoon for females twice a day after 30 min of breakfast & dinner with lukewarm water.

Apart of this one must eat healthy food, green vegetables & fruits timely on regular basis. Also do either exercise (without pressurizing body) or yoga for minimum 20 minutes on regular basis. For better results take this Malt for min 3 months and continue if required.

List of 36 Herbs are as follows:

  1. Amla (with picture)
  2. Nirgundi
  3. Kutaki
  4. Harad
  5. Jeera
  6. Khurasani Ajwain
  7. Sonth (Dry ginger powder)
  8. Geloy
  9. Wallnut Oil
  10. Yograj Guggal
  11. Mandoor Basam
  12. Shatavari
  13. Alsi Oil
  14. Arandi Oil
  15. Suranjan
  16. Kaunch Beej
  17. Chandrashoor
  18. Pushkermool
  19. Vatsnabha
  20. Sugandh Bala
  21. Pipel
  22. Kulanjan
  23. Haramala
  24. Aamma Haldi
  25. Nagarmotha
  26. Sahjan
  27. Akarkra
  28. Yavkshar
  29. Aloevera
  30. Kalaunji
  31. Shilajit
  32. Ashwagandha
  33. Salaki
  34. Flavours – Jeera Extract
  35. Flavours – Ajwain Extract
  36. Stevia